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Contribute your ideas and discuss the approach of Content as Code #1

Contribute your ideas and follow the discussion about the choice of authoring environment #5

Help develop the proof of concept #7


The below roadmap is only loosely enforced and what drives progress on Content as Code is engagement from projects which are implementing such approaches and will help:
- Develop building blocks with other development stacks
- Extend features of existing building blocks (such as docsmith)
- Participate in the user experience and technology design


Name Description Repo URL
Content as Code Reference Implementation iilab/contentascode
Open Integrity Data Framework https://code.iilab.org/openintegrity/openintegrity.org
Open Mentoring Mobile Education iilab/openmentoring
Panic Button Simple CMS for Mobile App PanicInitiative/PanicButton
Using TBB Semantic Documentation experiment elationfoundation/using-tor-browser-bundle
Security in a Box Work in Progress coming soon
Level Up Work in Progress coming soon
TOTEM Work in Progress coming soon
Advocacy Assembly Work in Progress coming soon
Name Source Author Generator Build Integration Publishing
Content as Code Github Markdown/Pandoc Metalsmith npm Travis Gh-pages
Open Integrity Gitlab Prose/Markdown/Pandoc Metalsmith Sighjs Gitlab CI Self-hosted
Open Mentoring Github Markdown/Marked Metalsmith make Travis Gh-pages
Panic Button Github Prose/Markdown Jekyll gh-pages   Self-hosted
Using TBB Github Markdown Jekyll      
Security in a Box Gitlab Markdown        
Level Up Github          
TOTEM Gitlab          
Advocacy Assembly Github          
Name Web Mobile Book Interactive
Content as Code Yes No No No
Open Integrity Yes     Yes
Open Mentoring Yes Yes Soon Some
Panic Button Yes Yes No Some
Using TBB Yes      
Security in a Box        
Level Up        
Advocacy Assembly        



In progress


In progress

Some features of a wiki such as the
- [x] Submit page edits
- [ ] Submit anonymous page edits
- [x] View page history
- [ ] Create new pages
- [ ] Semantic features (a la Wagn or Semantic MediaWiki)
- [ ] Federation (a la Smallest Federated Wiki)

Knowledge Base

Collective Intelligence. See Open Integrity Framework

Project Management

In progress



Proof of Concept - v0.0.1

In the run up to the IFF the proposed tasks to help get the partnership off the ground are:



~~Milestone Lift off~~
~~Version v0.0.1~~ - https://github.com/iilab/contentascode/issues/7

Prototype - v0.1.0

Prototype should allow to do demos and showcase how key functionalities will work and improve existing content workflows.

Milestone Prototype - https://github.com/iilab/contentascode/milestones/Prototype
Version v0.1.0 - https://github.com/iilab/contentascode/issues/9

Minimum Viable Implementation - v1.0.0

Minimum viable implementation which would allow partners to adopt the workflow and technology in production.

Milestone Minimum Viable Implementation - https://github.com/iilab/contentascode/milestones/Minimum%20Viable%20Implementation%20
Version v1.0.0 - https://github.com/iilab/contentascode/issues/8


Follow the progress of the Content as Code partnership and contribute: